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Not so sure of how to look like a skater?. Well fear not, for we have all the hottest gears displayed for you here at Day-Skaters so you can also look like a skater even if you can not skate. Keep scrolling down and check out the wide range of skater clothing and gears that you will need to become a true skater.


You can not be a skater unless you have a skateboard and you know how to use it. It is highly recommended to skate safely, and here at Day-Skater safety is our number one priority to a successful start as a skater. The items that are displayed below are not only skater clothes but also helmets and protection guards that every skater especially beginners should be aware of and make sure they have them around when they go skating or buy and ride their first skateboard.

Every skater has to have these comfortable pair of shorts especially if you are a mad rider always pulling the sickest moves on the ramp. They give you the space, and ability to move your legs freely for that perfect move and landing. 

Something smooth and small, making it easier for the hand movements during a jump. 

Specifically for skaters that want to look good for the skater girls, dress to impress and ride to success.

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