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Skater girl outfit

Every girl is different from another, but girls will always be girls, so here is a look that would suit both girly girls and hardcore skater girls. The good thing about skating is you don't have to worry about looking sexy, because you can still look cute.

It doesn't end here, there is a crazy line up of more skater girl outfit out there that would blow your mind girls. Here is some of them to get you started, maybe this might help you get into that skater girl look. Be creative and see what you can come up with by simply looking at this image below then go wreck that mall.

Now this skater girl right here got it all right, from top to bottom she looks like a genuine skater girl, the board on her back pack, that's just nuts, her jeans are crazy, the white top killed it, and the layers on the hat is amazing, Check out the sun glasses and the sneakers, yo! she is rocking it out there. Tell me you would not want to skate with this girl so i can call the pit bulls on you ( i'm just playing, no pit bulls, let's skate)


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